Islamic Law (Shariat) is based on QURAN (Revelation), SONNAT (Understanding Quran), AGHL (Reason and Interpretation), EJMA (Consensus among Muslim scholars, democracy, and freedom of speech). In summary, Islamic Law is based on revelation and reason. Revelation is fixed understanding while reasoning changes from time to time. Therefore, revelation never gets old or obsolete. Revelation is always fresh because its interpretation changes with time. Revelation is a way of life for success. Quran is a book of value. And, values like honesty, integrity, kindness, and helping other people never get old. In the Last 1400 years, the Yazids of history and dictators have interpreted Quran for their own benefit, but the Imam Hosseins of history have always stood up against dictatorship and corruption. When you see a Mula in Iran who teaches Quran and has Millions of dollars stashed in Canada and Europe, you know he is acting against Islam. When the Iranian Government cannot find the murderer of Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian newspaper reporter who dies while in custody, then you know they are acting against Islam. Now let's use the reason to understand revelation (Quran).


STONING (Wahjurne Sangsar)

Abraham's father said to Abraham, "Have you forsaken my GODS, O' Abraham? Unless you stop, I will stone you. Leave me alone." Quran 19-46 In Quran, in 3 occasions, stoning has been mentioned (the other 2 occasions being Quran 11-92 and 18-24), mostly as a threat to desist. Quran never mentioned stoning anyone to death for adultery. In Old Testament (Torat), stoning has been mentioned as punishment for adultery and when son disobeyed the father.


There is a Hadith that during the time of Prophet (PBUH) Jews of Medina brought a woman that had been convicted of adultery and asked the Prophet (PBUH) for punishment for her. Prophet (PBUH) asked the Jews what is your punishment. According to "Torat", they said stoning. Then Prophet (PBUH) told them, "Forgive her if you can otherwise do as your religion dictates." Jews forgave the woman.


During the time of Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Ali (SA) never a Muslim woman was stoned to death. Therefore, stoning a woman to death is not Islamic Law, and it is a sign of barbarism. Stoning is not based on revelation or reason and must be outlawed immediately. Please do not abuse our peaceful religion.



"The thief or female you should mark (cut) their hands as punishment for their crime and to serve as an example of God, God is Almighty, Most Wise." Quran 5-38 As a miracle of Quran, in Sura 12-31 (both Ayat total 43), God says "when the women of Egypt saw Joseph, they so admired him that they cut their hand with a knife." Quran uses the same word Faghataoo to prove to you that since prison facility was limited at that time, they were marking the hands of the thieves. Now corrupt, brutal rulers steal people's money and when people out of desperation steal a loaf of bread, they cut their hands off. Cutting their hands off is not Islamic Law and is not reasonable. During the leadership of Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Ali (SA), they never cut any one's hands off. In the 21st century, one must use reasonable interpretation of Quran, and not to follow the advise of corrupt rulers and their puppet Mullas. Now for the first time in history of Islam, one can use religious freedom in America and interpret the Quran according to reason, not being afraid that one may be kidnapped or killed by corrupt rulers.



"If you deem is best for the orphans, you may marry their mothers, you may marry two, three, or four. If you fear lest you became unfair, then you shall be content with only one." Quran 4-3 As you can see, Quran says for sake of orphans, one may marry more than one wife, only for the sake of orphans. Not for pleasure and not for sexual fulfillment. Reason says in 21st century also one wife is enough and polygamy should be illegal. Orphans must be taken care of by government or by foster parents. In Islam, adoption is not allowed but foster parenting is encouraged (Kefalat). Both revelation and reason dictates Monogamy as Islamic Rule. Divorce is allowed in Islam as the last choice.


Sex outside marriage is forbidden for both men and women. Muslim men may marry non-Muslim woman, but Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim man, unless he becomes Muslim and children must be raised Muslim.


But corrupt dictators abused Quran and revelation for their lust. When you see polygamy in Saudi Arabia and the Golf Nations, it is not Islamic Law. It is due to corruption in those communities that must be corrected. Please let us know if you agree with cutting off hands, stoning, and polygamy.